Our Mission and Values

Our Mission & Values

At Jacksdale Medical Centre, we endeavour to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our GPs provide essential links to other health and social care services, encouraging good relationships and an open culture with other Health & Social Care providers. We will aim to collaborate and work in a streamlined way to strengthen relationships within our PCN and build effective community links whilst responding to local, regional, and national initiatives.

We aim to deliver knowledgeable, informed, and effective patient care, consistently in line with current guidelines.  The practice is committed to the development of its staff at all levels, realising the full potential of its team and nurturing the feelings of co-operation, mutual support and loyalty which forms the foundation of the practice.

Our Values

We are accountable:

We ensure we take responsibility for our actions, and are open and transparent to the people who use our service.

We are fair:

We are consistent in the way we deal with people – acting courteously, considerately and compassionately. We respect and value the diversity of our patients and staff, and are committed to cultivating a culture of mutual respect, equality of opportunity and belonging without discrimination.

We are professional:

We strive to achieve a high level of medical care for our patients and responsive to medical need both for the individual and for the community as a whole. We maintain our professional learning and follow guidelines where appropriate to do so.

We are innovative:

We constantly review the service we provide and improve it when and where possible. We use all available resources to provide the best service we can. We nurture innovation, lead on learning and development and embrace emerging technologies.

We are caring:

We will put our patients welfare at the heart of all that we do. Listening to the needs of our patients and responding to needs with compassion in our words and actions.