Musculoskeletal Service / Physio

We have an in house First Contact Physio who is able to assess, diagnose and manage most new muscular/ joint / back problems.


– Over 16

– Any new joint pains

– Back pain

– Soft tissue injuries including muscles, tendons, ligaments, carpal tunnel syndrome

– Spinal related pain in arms and legs (including numbness and pins and needles)

– Post orthopaedic surgery problems


– Children

– Acutely unwell

– Acute trauma – A&E or minor injuries unit

– Headaches

– Antenatal or postnatal problems

– Management of rheumatological conditions

– Housebound patients

He provides clinics at the practice on a Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Please contact reception to book an appointment with him if you have any new condition which fits the above criteria